Monday, November 28, 2011

A Place of their own...saving mommy's dinning table

I got a new dinning room table a few months ago and when I saw my daughter banging her fork on it during breakfast creating tiny dents in it.. I decided right then and there that I needed a little table just for the kids to eat at when we aren't sitting as a family. This is their spot...just for them!

I went to a few yard sales, searched on craigslist, and finally I went to a local thrift store and found this beauty:

Okay...I realize it doesn't look attractive, but I saw potential and for $35.00 I couldn't pass it up.

My nice dinning room table is black on the bottom with a dark walnut color on top. I wanted the kids table to match it as close as I could. I sanded the top and stained it with a black walnut polyurethane. I'm not much for painting so I found this spray paint for wood...OMG...LOVE IT!!! Goodbye paintbrushes. :0)
WARNING: When I painted the wood it left a bit of black residue... so when it's dry go over the painted surface with a wet rag and wipe off any excess...especially on the seat of the chairs. Lesson learned on my son's tan shorts... ;0p
Here it is much better than when I brought it home and I love the leg design.

Now for their wall. Of course I had to decorate their spot and make it personal. The only thing I bought was the shelf $20.00 {Target} and sign $10.00 {Marshalls}. I already had 2 8x10 black frames and I decided to do a silhouette for each of my kiddos. The way I did it was I took a picture of my kids side view. Loaded it on the computer and cropped it to a size 8x10. Printed the picture in black and white, plain paper, on low quality {don't waste your ink}. Stapled the picture to thick black scrapbook paper, cut out their silhouette, taped it to a piece of 8x10 white paper, framed it, and hung them up. I really like the way they turned out and the kids like it too.

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