Friday, September 28, 2012

My NEW Craft Space...

If you've known me over the years you may have noticed that I like to change things often.  From my shop banner to my living room even rooms in my house.  I think it all stems from moving quite a bit...17 times in 34 years.  { looks even worse when I type it out.} Well I've done it again I've moved my craft room to it's original space...where ELB all started.

I painted the walls gray to contrast with the white vaulted ceilings.  I also ripped out the carpet and painted the floor a light gray with concrete paint and sealer.  I also made my craft desk using pre-made white shelving and closet organizer shelves.

 I found these super simple and modern desk at target for $20.00 each and the chairs were $9.00 each.  This is my kids' art/homework station. They LOVE their space and are always creating something.  They are both crafty like their momma!!

 This is how I store all of ELB's items.  I pre-make just about everything, seal it and organize them here in these storage containers, which are actually sock organizers for drawers.  They work really well for my products and getting orders out is a cinch!

 So we will see how long I stay in here!  For now I'm just going to enjoy it!


  1. I just came across this post via Pinterest. I'm so glad to hear that I am not the only person who changes things so often.....I change entire rooms quiet alot and tend to feel a bit crazy!! lol Love the space!!

    1. Ha! So glad to hear I'm not alone. Thanks for your comment. :0)