Monday, October 1, 2012

Monster High Party Theme

My daughter is obsessed with Monster High.  She will be turning 5 in late October and I'm gearing up for her Monster High/Halloween Birthday Party.  Since Monster High is a bit creepy I think it will mesh perfectly with the Halloween theme....don't ya think?  She wants to dress similar to Clawdeen Wolf, but she says she wants to keep her blond hair. This is good because when I put the Clawdeen wig on her it looked as if she had no eyebrows and I don't think I could successfully draw on brown eyebrows without her looking something like MOMMY DEAREST!  Ha!  Some of the costumes are a bit in-appropriate for a 5 year old so we're going with our 'little girl' friendly version that I found online at Children's Place and my daughter LOVES it.  I did end up removing the sparkly top of the outfit because it was a bit Christmasy so I bought a black shirt instead.  She really looks cute in it!  Happy October all!!!

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  1. If she did need eyebrows you could probably try a brush and eyeshadow rather than drawing it on. That way you are only darkening her natural hair without it being too intense. Her hair looks so big. Did you bring out the Aqua Net?